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Are You A Patient?

At Advanced Spine & Pain Specialists, we reduce or eliminate your pain allowing you to live and work as you desire. As board certified interventional pain management physicians, we diagnosis the underlying cause of your pain and then focus the treatment there. Rather than using medications to mask the symptoms, our treatments focus on curing your pain.


Can I refer myself to Advanced Spine & Pain Specialists?

As long as your insurance doesn’t require a referral, we are happy to see you without a referral. If your insurance requires a referral, please have one prior to the first visit.


What should I bring to the first visit?

Please bring your medical information, a medication list, completed intake history, and results of any recent (1 year) testing such as x-rays or MRI.


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Are there patients you don’t see?
We are happy to see all patients with pain. We don’t continue opioid-based medications for longer than 16 weeks, but we are happy to help you get off those medications as we try to cure your underlying pain.


What treatments can I expect?

After finding the root cause of the pain, we use both diagnostic and therapeutic injections to cure the pain. You will also start or continue physical therapy as needed.


I am afraid of needles, can I still have an injection?

We offer sedation for all of our patients, so you should be quite comfortable throughout the procedure. Patients are not asleep for the procedure, but should be comfortable. This sedation will be provided by trained and skilled anesthesia providers.


Are there limitations after an injection?

If you have sedation, you will need a driver for the entire day. Your doctor will help you determine any other restrictions. Our goal is to return you to normal function soon after the injection.


I’m having troubles stopping my medication, can you help me?

We are happy to help you get off your pain medications and rather than hiding the pain with medications, we will identify and attack the root cause of your pain.


What types of insurance and payment do you take?

We will accept most insurance plans including Blue Cross, commercial insurance, Medicare, and worker’s compensation insurance. We also offer self-pay cash prices if you don’t have insurance or prefer this method. Cash pricing will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


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