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Which patients should be referred to Advanced Spine & Pain Specialists?

Any patients with pain should be evaluated to help determine the underlying cause of the pain. In addition we try to help all patents off opioid-based medications.


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When should I refer the patients?

As soon as possible, there is good literature to demonstrate that the sooner a patient is treated the better response they have.


What should I give the patient prior to referral?

Please avoid prescribing opioid-based medications for the patient. Unfortunately they quickly become dependent on these medications and there is little evidence to support their long-term use for non-cancer pain. Prescribing non-opioid medications will serve the patients better over time.


What testing should I order?

If you think it’s appropriate, any radiologic testing of the affected area should be undertaken, including MRI. We will review the results also and will order any additional testing as indicated.


What medical information should the patients bring to the initial consultation?

They will be asked about their complete medical history. They should also bring a list of their medications and copies of any recent (within one year) radiologic testing. Results from recent medical tests may also be needed.


Are there patients that shouldn’t be referred?

We are happy to see and help any patient. The initial consultation is just an opportunity for the patient to meet the physician and the doctor to share his/her opinion with the patient. If they wish to proceed to treatment (an injection), that will be arranged at the patient’s earliest convenience. If possible, the procedure or injection will be done the same day as the initial consultation. We provide light sedation for all procedures to ensure patient comfort and to reduce anxiety.


Should patients be referred to a pain management specialist of surgeon first?

Unless there is a surgical emergency or an issue only a surgeon can handle, it is appropriate to refer the patient to an interventional pain management specialist prior to a surgeon. The interventionalist will try to help the patient avoid surgery by curing the pain with injections and therapy.


What should I expect after a referral?

Our team will send you a consultation report and progress notes to help you follow the patient’s progress. As consultants, we will work to cure the patient’s pain. Once the pain is cured or the patient has returned to all normal activities the patient will be returned to your care. The patient is always welcome to return to our office for continued care. If you prefer one of the doctors can call you after the initial consultation to report our findings. Throughout the treatment course you will be notified of the patient’s progress.


Referring Physicians

If you are a physician with any patients with pain, refer them to Advanced Spine & Pain Specialists to be evaluated to help determine the underlying cause of the pain. In addition we try to help all patents off opioid-based medications


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